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Monday Miscellany

As I type this, we’re watching the AFC Championship game.  The NFC game is over, the Green Bay Packers eking out a win over the Chicago Bears.  Now we wait to see which other team will end up in the Super Bowl this year, the Pittsburgh Steelers or the New York Jets.  It promises to be an exciting game, especially in a house where football is beloved above all other sports.  All this to say, please forgive any typos or stupid things I might type – I might be a little distracted. 🙂    Now, on to my choices for the weirdest, funniest, most interesting and/or outrageous things from the interwebs in this past week!

  • Some lawyers in Texas think they can check potential jurors’ Facebook pages to “aid” them in jury selection.  Two major flaws in this logic: 1) How many of your FB friends have their pages unprotected so that just any old person can read it?  Pretty sure maybe 2 of my 250 friends meet that requirement.  2) If you knew this was happening in your area, would you not purposely populate your FB page with horrid invectives in an attempt to get out of jury duty?
  • Apparently, if you don’t like the government putting your tax refund directly into your bank account like a normal person, you can get your refund on a prepaid debit card.  But there’s probably a fee associated with doing this.  I’m not a fan.  Open a checking account already.
  • In what could be the biggest step back for public education since No Child Left Behind, Florida is dealing with budget cuts by eliminating some teachers entirely, shoving 40-50 kids in a computer lab with one technical assistant, and having them take their coursework through virtual classrooms.  Any and all kids, including those who don’t want to be there.  This does not promote learning, Florida.
  • Remember Jurassic Park?  Remember the lesson about messing with the ecosystem, and what a bad idea it was to reanimate the dinosaurs?  Apparently we do not learn from science fiction.  Instead, scientists think they may have a living clone of a wooly mammoth within five years.  Kinda cool – because I’d TOTALLY go see that in a zoo – but scary, too.
  • Quantum particles can time travel!  Does this mean people will actually be able to someday?
  • Finally, is this not the most fun thing you’ve ever seen in a library?  I totally want to go to Munich just to slide down.

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