Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

All colleges I know of have some – or several – traditions that seniors perform on the final day of classes of their last semester of college.  My school had a tradition I always thought was pretty cool – toasting the buildings.  All the seniors went around, mostly with alcohol of some kind, and toasted to the buildings where they spent most of their time in classes or dorms they lived in or other places that held some other significance for them (or all the buildings, whatever – it was a smallish school).  Unfortunately, some students missed out on the fun – the ed school students.  See, we were all off student teaching that day.  But we were determined not to be left out of the fun.  I made plans with some of my fellow student-teaching pals – and some friends of ours who didn’t mind waiting for us to get out of school – and we did it up classy that night.  We wandered the campus after dark, champagne bottles and glasses in hand.  We visited many, many buildings.  We even hid at one point from the college’s rent-a-cops who were out looking for the truly wasted and disorderly students (which we were not).  And yes, we kissed statues.  This statue of Thomas Jefferson, as I recall, was a gift to William & Mary, TJ’s alma mater,  from the university that he founded, the University of Virginia.  And it’s supposedly life-sized, so it was in kissing distance.  Gotta love the TJ.


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