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Getting Some (Job) Satisfaction

Source: Stock.Xchng user asifthebes

I’m in an upswing at work the past week or so.  You know how your job can be just ho-hum, and then all of a sudden you find yourself working on something that excites you, that sets you on fire again?  Yeah, I’m having one of those
on-fire projects.  I’m excited.  I’m reading blogs, doing research, creating and adjusting a presentation for the Board of one of our clients.  I’m working on a plan of action to bring real improvements to an association’s professional development program, and I’m excited about it.  I’m learning new things that I can then share with others and help them apply to their situation, and it’s awesome.  Purposeful.  I like that.  I like coming home with the wheels turning, excited to recharge my batteries so I can think some more the next day.  THIS is why I like my job.  Sometimes I forget, but I pray for moments like this to come often enough so I remember.  The downer comes in fighting budgets and naysayers to actually effect change, and then going through the tedious process of corralling volunteers to accomplish all the little steps to make the plan happen.  But!  But!  I can’t think of that now.  Now I ride the wave of job satisfaction.

Anything about your job make you sit up and holler (in a good way) sometimes?


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