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Monday Miscellany

Happy MLK Day!  I had to work on this day of celebration of that most-amazing man, but I hope you had the day off!  I think the past week has been very…geeky.  I have a lot of geeky links to share with you today – some science geeky, some tech geeky, some just…geeky.  And I have an unusually large number to share with you.  So here we go, without further ado: your Monday miscellany.

  • For book geeks: Book giveaway!  My favorite contemporary author, Joshilyn Jackson, is giving away copies of her friend Karen Abbott’s book American Rose: A Nation Laid Bare – The Life and Times of Gypsy Rose Lee.  I read Karen’s first book, Sin in the Second City, about a brothel in Chicago at the turn of the twentieth century and was fascinated by the subject matter – very interested to read this one, too!
  • For sports geeks: We live in ACC country, so I found this flow chart of how to choose which ACC team to root for hilarious.  I landed on my alma mater (appropriate!), which is acknowledged on the chart as not even being in the ACC.  (Thanks to my friend Brian for the link.)
  • For food geeks: Most of you are well aware that I love and avidly read Cake Wrecks, and I was particularly delighted this week by their post on how the wreckage is bleeding over into foods other than cake.  Including sushi.  With sprinkles on top.  Not kidding.
  • For tech geeks: Ever wonder how your kids are going to look at cassette tapes or VCRs?  Here’s a clue: an awesome video of some Canadian kids trying to figure out what old technology is or does (even I didn’t know what a couple of these things were!).
  • For comics/fantasy/sci-fi geeks (who are also food geeks): I had absolutely no clue that so many awful cookbooks based on fiction nerdery had been published.  Now I know, and I’m wondering who buys them…though I admit to being curious about the twice-baked honey cakes from the LotR cookbook…
  • For science geeks: NASA has a picture of glowing green space gas that’s bigger than the Milky Way, and Gizmodo thinks it’s actually an alien fleet.  The picture is cool regardless of your opinion on what it is.
  • For travel geeks: Always looking for ways to avoid checking a bag?  This awesome new
    3-part carry-on bag from Balanzza might help!  #gimmegimme
  • For tech geeks who like to laugh at non-tech geeks: Winona Ryder is apparently terrifed of computers because, for example, when you’re on Google, “you’re just one button away from joining Al-Qaeda” – or something?  Anyway, the video clip of her explaining her tech-phobia is pretty hilarious.

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