Tranche de Vie

Tranche de Vie: 11 January 2011

I hope this particular slice of my life isn’t too boring for everyone – at least it makes a good photo journal entry for me, I guess.  This is really what about 80% of my days are like: dog walking, working, dinner, TV, more dog walking, reading and bed.  Um.  Enjoy?  Maybe?

They had been calling for snow to start the night before with up to an inch accumulation by morning. Not so, friends. It was flurrying when I took the dogs out for the first walk of the day, though.
For breakfast, I had a plantain on my cereal instead of a banana. (Short but boring story why.) They're very similar, but plantain is much much much more filling!
I was out of work lunch, so I stopped by the store on the way to work to get healthy frozen lunches. Labeled properly for storage in the office freezer.
I consume massive amounts of water every day. My aunt conveniently bought me this gigantic tumbler for Christmas to help me drink EVEN MORE. I have 3 of these during the day at work, plus more water at home before and after work and even more at the gym on the days I do that.
My little workspace. Note the copious numbers of calendars, messy paperwork, W&M button on my lamp, and every badge from every conference I've worked or attended since I started at CMG 7 years ago.
Lunch! CedarLane's Baked Stacked Eggplant. No frozen meal ever looks very appetizing, I don't think, but it tasted really yummy and is made with real food, no chemicals.
My husband never takes pictures unless I specifically ask him to, which is weird to do: "Hey, can you take a picture of me?" But I figured part of documenting my day is documenting ME, so here I am, in the earrings my parents gave me and the sweater my parents-in-law gave me for Christmas.
Made my flight arrangements for a conference in San Antonio later this year.
We had TWO birthday cakes, and I forgot to take a picture during the actual cake event, but here is my favorite cake in all the world, which was one of the two cakes from yesterday, the Chocolate Praline Crunch from Albemarle Baking Company.
End of the day: my to-do list with my time tracked. Since we have to bill our clients, we have to track our time in quarter-hour increments. I do it this way, and then about once a week enter all this into our spreadsheet template that's built to import into our accounting software.
So all the snow we were supposed to get? No, but there was some freezing rain. This would be my car when I left work, and the parking lot was basically an ice skating rink. It did turn to snow for a few minutes shortly after I got home, though.
Ahh. This is what waits for me when I get home every day.
I watered my new herb garden when I got home. Really, this is just an excuse to show off the lovely pot!
Oh, how I love that my husband cooks. He made sun-dried tomato pesto, the beginnings of which are in the foreground. Notice McNulty's plaintive look. We deal with both dogs in the way every time we do anything in the kitchen.
Mmmm, fun evening of computer goofing off and TV watching.
The entirety of the snow accumulation we got, after all the fuss and hubbub.
Last walk of the day. At least Delia looked at me when I called!
Bedtime! Reading my Nook for a bit, and then sleepytimes.

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