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Monday Miscellany

It was a relaxing weekend at our house – most of the time spent at home, doing some chores (taking down Christmas decorations, planting an herb garden, paying bills, etc.), but there was also plenty of down time, football playoffs, and a dinner party with friends.  It was kind of lovely.  We don’t get enough weekends at home!  I have seen a few things of note on the interberg this week, so let me go ahead and share those with you.

  • As crappy as flying is anymore, I loved seeing this story about an airline that went beyond the call of duty to make their passengers traveling on Christmas Eve have a better night.
  • An interesting slideshow of what the authors think will be the 100 hottest trends in 2011.  They’ve apparently been right about a number of things when they’ve done this in the past, so it will be interesting to see if they get it right again this year.
  • Seriously?  But seriously?  A woman has the SWAT team called in because when her husband accidentally calls her from his cell that’s in his pocket (AKA butt-dialing or butt-calling) because he’s listening to rap music and she assumes he’s been kidnapped.  Seriously?
  • Yes, we have no bananas?!  Nooooooooo!!!!  Say it isn’t so!  Scientists need to nip this disaster in the bud posthaste!
  • I have never exactly been a Josh Groban fan, but this has been everywhere on the internet this week, and it is HILARIOUS.

Anybody else run across anything awesome or interesting this week?


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