Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

So all the dog talk has started me thinking about all the dogs who have been in my life.  I’ve lived with (or near enough to with) an awful lot of dogs.  When I start adding them all up, including the two boogers I have now, I think the number comes up to 14.  I remember them all well, remember all their names, loved them all.  Saber, Peanut, Cricket, Brandy, Joe, Cindy, Rusty, Ginger, Jack, Lucky, Sandy, Hambone, McNulty, Delia.  Can you tell I come from dog people?  🙂  The picture above is of me with the first dog who was MY dog – Cindy.  I named her Cindy because at the time, I thought that was the prettiest name in the whole world that anyone could ever have.  And she was pretty, wasn’t she?  But she barked – a lot.  A LOT a lot.  When my mom and dad got married and he and my sister moved in, the barking was too much.  Daddy has always worked swing shifts, so when he had to sleep during the day and she barked so much he couldn’t sleep, that had to be it.  She went to live with a family we knew who had a big farm, and the lady who took her drove a bus for our school system, so sometimes I would get to take her bus all the way home with her and visit Cindy until my mom came to get me when she got off work.  My mom hated it – to this day, she says she regrets putting Cindy elsewhere – but I really don’t know what else could have been done.  Daddy needed to sleep in order to work!  Anyway, it all worked out for the best when they got us two new cocker puppies, Rusty and Ginger, who didn’t bark all the time and who were pretty much the BEST dogs ever.  I hope you people like dog stories as much as I do; I’m having some fun reminiscing about the dogs of my life.


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