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Monday Miscellany

Second post of the night!  Yay for you; I know you’re excited.  Lots of good links have popped up this week – hope you find them interesting too!

  • Ever suspect the post office or shipping company of  opening your packages?  This guy did, and he did something about it.
  • Delicious?  Or not?  Rumors have been flying this week about Yahoo shutting down their bookmarking service Delicious, which I have loved and used – then the rumors became that Yahoo isn’t shutting it down, but it looking for a buyer.  Regardless, I have imported all of my bookmarks over to Diigo at this point and am sadly planning to switch permanently, just so I don’t have to worry about it or keep up with the rumors.
  • Well, I would have thought that this would be a great big DUH, but apparently not.  We needed a court ruling to determine that the government needs a warrant to read our email.  I guess I’m relieved that the court actually made that ruling…
  • Well, it may seem slow-going, but scientists ARE making progress toward curing HIV.  Hooray for good science news!
  • Timely considering all the people going out of town this time of year – advice on hiding valuables in your house in places burglars are least likely to check.
  • You have GOT to be f***ing kidding me.  We now have to endure potentially cancer-causing airport scans and invasive, overly intimate pat downs from TSA, but they can’t find a loaded gun in a guy’s carry-on luggage?  WTH?!?
  • I probably wouldn’t get these for myself because I don’t like such big headphones, but how awesome are these?  I *heart* the R2D2 ones best.

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