Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday (late appearance version!)

Um.  Oops!  Sorry guys!  I had this post ready to go on Friday and…I forgot to post it.  I didn’t schedule it because I wanted to read it one more time before I posted and I just forgot.  But it’s ready to go, so – double post today!  Woot!

Today we’re not flashing back very far.  This picture is just from last year – on the anniversary of this weekend in December 2009.  Our first significant snow of last winter, when Mother Nature decided to dump something like 20 inches on Charlottesville with little warning and pretty much zero preparation on the part of the Dept of Transportation.  David and I were leaving on a Friday to go to his parents’ house for an early Christmas, and it started pretty much right as we were leaving town.  We had a miserable drive until we got about 45 minutes from his folks’ house, where the weather turned to just rain and we finally relaxed a little (and relaxed even more when we finally got there and found a bottle of wine waiting for us!).  We came home on Sunday to the scene above.  This year, we did get a little bit of snow again – not quite on the anniversary of the storm pictured above, but about 2 days earlier.  It was only 2 inches this time, thankfully.  I am NOT jazzed by the idea of another winter filled with 20+ inch snows every other week.  I’d be perfectly happy with NO MORE, thank you.


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