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Tranche de Vie: 11 December 2010

With some kind of great luck, December’s Tranche de Vie fell on a day with a lot of activity for me!  We went to my hometown in the mountains of Virginia to celebrate Christmas with my parents, my sister and my niece.  Since David and I rotate spending actual Christmas with our families, and this year we’re going to see his folks, we had to choose a weekend to spend with my family earlier in the month.  So I was already inclined to take a lot of pictures that day – I just had to remember to take a few I might not have otherwise, and then I had to sort through all of them and choose a few so I didn’t end up with 100+ on here!  I whittled it down to 24.  Hope you enjoy this glimpse into my life!

V. couldn't wait to give her Mo her present, first thing on "Christmas" morning.
David and I started a tradition - I think the first year we were married - of making my family Christmas breakfast. Here he is, working on the eggs.
The completed breakfast: panettone French toast, garlic and herb egg scramble, and bacon. Mmmmm...
Though she was dying to open gifts, she did honor us with an overpowering version of "Deck the Halls" before we got started. We went next door to my sister's house with a bigger living room for the gift opening.
Tearing into one of her gigantic boxes.
That huge box contained a 3-piece luggage set. She hugged it when she pulled it out. Hey, the kid asked for luggage...
Getting her Mo to help her open the packaging on a gift, with my dad in the background opening a present of his own.
My mom - with V.'s terrified little puppy Trixie - astounded that my dad got her a Dyson for Christmas. Astounded in a good way, though - and later when we tried it out, she almost fell over from how much it sucked up when she had just vacuumed the day before!
V. shows off her personalized M&Ms.
Probably the best picture of my mom EVER - or at least recently. I love this picture; I love her smile, and Trixie's so sweet-looking.
Also part of our family Christmas every year is scratching off lottery tickets my dad buys everyone. I didn't win a darn thing, but David won $15, my mom and dad both won a little, and my sister won something like $40 total!
The lunch spread: spinach dip, meatballs, pulled pork BBQ and brisket, chicken salad sandwiches, cheese spread and crackers...probably some other stuff too, I can't remember it all!
This is one game-loving little girl. Here we are playing Pictureka, which she got for Christmas LAST year.
Then we played charades. I think she was being some specific sort of dog here.
She was momentarily distracted when she picked up my phone and figured out how to use it to take pictures of herself and to record video.
Afternoon comas in my parents' living room. After so much food and the exhausting amount of energy V. requires, we were all ready for a nap!
Then it was time for more games, this time Apples to Apples. I think she only made us play 4 or 5 times this time. At Thanksgiving, we played at least 20 times.
My dogs, tussling over a new toy. My mom got them each one, but of course Delia's not happy unless she has both of them and McNulty has none...
My plate at dinner. Just a few cheese crackers and a chicken salad croissant. After all, I really didn't stop eating pretty much all day - there was a lot of afternoon grazing after lunch!
The only picture I got of my mom's awesome special dessert, because I just didn't think about it until it was too late. It was pound cake layered with peppermint ice cream and crushed mint chocolate cookies, in a loaf shape, with chocolate poured over top and pieces of peppermint stuck on top of the chocolate. It was AWESOME.
Of course, V. didn't want that - it was too much stuff or something. So she had about half of a small dish of plain peppermint ice cream.
Then it was time to torture the dogs and watch goofy Christmas music videos on YouTube. We sang - and then listened to others sing - Randolph the Bowlegged Cowboy. And tried to put V.'s cowboy hat on Delia, who had a fit to get it off.
McNulty, on the other hand, was not pleased about the hat on his head, but he made no effort to remove it either. He just resigned himself to ridicule. We laughed so hard we were crying, and then we tried many other hats on McNulty.
We ended the night with David trying to teach V. about air pressure with the upside-down glass of water trick, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember WHY the trick worked, just that it was neat. Then we had to play "experiments" for a while, pouring water from measuring cups to bowls to regular cups and stirring it all. Oh, the things kids find fun...

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