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Christmas Special Time! Christmas Special Time!

OK, so a friend of mine posted this on Facebook: Newsweek’s version of a personality test based on which Christmas special is your favorite.  Now, of the specials they listed, the Grinch is my clear favorite, followed probably by Rudolph and then Charlie Brown.  Their description of who you are if any of those is your favorite…well, none of them work for me, not even close, but obviously this is a fluff piece for fun, not a serious personality thingie (as though any of them are…).  My biggest issue, however, is that they completely left out what is actually my very favorite Christmas special of all time – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas!

Oh, Rankin-Bass, the joy and wonder you brought to my childhood with this goofy, nonsensical story.  I’m perfectly willing to admit that the story makes ZERO sense with the concepts that we all identify as Christmas-y and Santa-y.  Basically, a clockmaker and his family live in their house with their friends the mouse family.  One of the mouse children writes a letter to the editor, which is published in the local small-town newspaper, denouncing Santa as a myth and a fraud, signed “all of us.”  Which Santa takes to mean the whole town, and he sends back all of their letters they’ve written him, as any benevolent and loving Christmas spirit would do, obviously.  So there’s the first ridiculous plot point.  Next, the town pleads with the clockmaker to build an entire friggin’ clock in just a few weeks that will play a song at midnight on Christmas Eve that will win Santa over and make him come to their town after all.  Ahem.  Right, also ridiculous.  Along the way, the mouse child learns a valuable lesson and believes in magic and repairs the clock to make it work and the day is saved.  There is also a cheesy-as-hell soundtrack.  I know how goofy it is.  I don’t care – I love this show.  I have it on DVD.  It’s been my favorite since I was a little girl.  Now I have to wonder what that says about my personality…maybe that I believe knowledge can reside happily in the same brain along with magic and fantasy?  And also that I like crappy cartoon show tunes?

Now, if you need to satisfy your curiosity about my favorite special, I’ve embedded the entire thing from YouTube below.  Otherwise, how about you?  Have a favorite holiday special, either now or from your childhood?  What do you think that might say about your personality?


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