Monday Miscellany

Monday Miscellany

Sweet Mary and Joseph, it’s cold outside!!  I walked in the house today and asked my husband when we had been moved to Michigan without our knowledge!  I do not like it one bit.  I’m the girl who finds 70 degrees a bit too chilly.  When I left work this evening, it was 28 degrees with about 15 mph winds, so a wind chill of about 19 degrees.  Tomorrow, the WARMEST wind chill is supposed to be about 15 degrees.  Um, hello?  Powers that be?  This is VIRGINIA.  Technically, this is the South, with a capital S.  KNOCK IT OFF, k-thx-bye.  Anyway, I did collect a few random weird links over the past week, so let’s get to the fun stuff!

  • Holy terrible-and-creepy children’s books.  My favorite?  Amy’s Doll, about halfway down the page. *shudder*
  • Just…wow.  How a marketing department for a huge brand can make such an enormous mis-step in this day and age is just astounding.
  • I adore – ADORE – this series (and this one) of photos of the artist’s grandmother as a superhero.  Fabulous.  I want some on my walls.
  • I’m a big advocate of artificial Christmas trees.  Yes, I like the scent of a fresh one, but I also have crappy allergy issues, live on the 4th floor of a condo building (and so don’t like the thought of hauling a friggin’ TREE up the stairs and back down every year), like not having to put lights on it and take them back off again every year, think the branches on fresh trees usually aren’t stiff enough for heavy ornaments, and don’t want to be responsible for cutting down trees every year.  This, however, might be a bit too modern for me (click on the Gallery link at the top right for some pictures of it in use).  It’s cool, but…maybe for a playroom or for a teenager or college student?

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