Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

This was in the box of photos my mom gave me to go through and choose pictures I wanted to scan and keep.  There’s nothing written on the back, but sometimes the photo developer printed a date on the back in those days, and this has a tiny date indicating it was printed in August 1973.  That leads me to believe that this is probably from my mom’s first wedding, her wedding to my biological father, which took place shortly after she graduated high school.  The picture is a great one of my grandparents, my Grandma and Papa, which is why I chose it (well, that and I don’t think I ever saw my Papa this fancied up in my lifetime, which is one of the reasons I think it must have been for an important-to-him wedding).  I’ve been thinking about them this week, and then came across this picture.  I haven’t seen an awful lot of pictures of my grandparents together, and most of the ones I have seen have been posed, so their smiles aren’t nearly so genuine as they are in this candid shot.  I love seeing people I love being happy in days gone by.


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