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My Kind of Christmas Cheer

My favorite Christmas album of all time.

Oh, Christmas.  One of my very favorite times of year.  Now, I dislike some things about it to: I hate how cold it is this time of year; I hate the crowds of people everywhere you go; I hate the stress to make a perfect holiday for yourself and everyone else; I hate the blatant commercialism.  On the other hand, I love the flavors of the season: cinnamon and sweet potatoes and egg nog and apples and pumpkin and everything delicious.  I also love getting presents – I’ve always loved surprises (I was the kid who never even LOOKED for my Christmas presents because I wanted to be surprised on Christmas morning).  And the feeling of watching someone else open a gift I got for them and seeing on their face that I got it right, that I found exactly the right gift.  I love the magic of twinkling fairy lights at night, and the spirit of peace and goodwill that most people exhibit during the season.  Finally, I adore Christmas music.  I force myself to wait until December to start torturing everyone around me with my massive collection.  Today was the first day I turned on my miXmas playlist.  It has put me in a very good mood. 🙂

I wouldn’t say that I like all holiday music.  If I’m disinclined to like a person’s non-holiday music, I don’t pursue them at Christmas time, either.  No Celine here.  No Mariah, either.  No Michael Buble or Josh Groban.  But I do have plenty of classics.  I have Bing, I have the Rat Pack, I have Ella, I have Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson and a few Elvis tunes.  I have Celtic winter tunes and flute selections played by James Galway.  I have U2 and Tom Petty and Elvis Costello and Sufjan Stevens and the Raveonettes.  But my specialty, the pride and joy of my collection, are the creepy, odd, bizarre and hilarious songs.  I have Stephen Colbert’s Christmas album, of course, with my favorite, “Can I Interest You in Hannukah?”  I adore adore adore A John Waters Christmas, which features such delightful songs as “Little Mary Christmas” (about a handicapped orphan who gets new parents on Christmas Day) and “Santa Claus Is a Black Man.”  I have Dr. Demento’s album, which has classic weirdos like “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” but also greats I’d never heard of like “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus.”  I separated my favorite ever hidden track, “I Will Be Hating You for Christmas,” from Everclear’s second album.  And this year, I obtained several new albums, including Annie Lennox’s new Christmas album, the Indigo Girls new holiday album, Soul Christmas (featuring a song called “Back Door Santa” – I’ll let you decide what that might be about), and the 2-track EP from Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, named after the title song “Ain’t No Chimneys in the Projects.”  That last one is my personal favorite new song this year – it’s pretty catchy!

So now you know that I’m a big weirdo when it comes to my taste in Christmas music.  Share with me your favorite holiday song or album or even story about holiday music.  I’m a collector!  Indulge me!


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