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Health Month Update

If you guys will recall, I mentioned at the beginning of November that I was playing an online game called Health Month.  You set goals for each week of the month, and if you meet the goals, it’s all good.  But if you don’t meet your goals, you lose a Life Point.  There are finer points to it as well (if you lose a Life Point, you can post on the game wall to ask other players to give you fruit to help heal your Life Points; you can spin a wheel every day that can be either good – like getting a free Life Point – or bad – like getting half points for a goal that day; etc.), but basically, you start the month with 10 Life Points, and if you have any at all left at the end of the month, you win.  That sounds easier than it is – let’s say you pledged to exercise 4 days a week, and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, you indicate that you did not exercise.  No problem.  You still have 4 days left in the week that you can use to exercise and accomplish your goal.  But if you don’t exercise on Thursday either, it will be impossible to meet your goal for the week – so you lose 1 Life Point.  Don’t do it on Friday either, and you lose another (if you do exercise on Friday, you do NOT lose a point).  Ditto Saturday and Sunday – meaning if you skip a whole week of exercise in that scenario, you have the potential to lose 4 of your 10 Life Points in just one week.  You have to pledge at the beginning of the month what you’ll do if you win the month and also what you’ll do if you lose.

My November 2010 Health Month game summary. Notice how it says I am awesome. My name got posted to the Wall of Awesome.

So, how did I do in November?  I won!  I ended with 8 Life Points.  Granted, I won a few of those by spinning the wheel – I can’t remember exactly how many and I can’t seem to find that information on the site, but I remember winning about 4.  Which means that – if I’m near to correct – I still would have won the month all on my own.  Hooray!  My reward was to be a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and a scone from Starbucks, which I intend to get for myself sometime this week, walking from work to Starbucks in order to at least do something a little healthy to earn it.

I’m playing again in December.  I chose 2 of the same goals (well, slightly modified) and 1 totally different goal for this month.  I started with 5 goals and learned that games of 3 goals or less are free, but for games of more than 3 goals, they want you to pay to use the site.  Being a cheapskate, I decided to leave out the 2 goals I thought I could easily do without the game.  So my goals for December are:

  1. List at least 3 things I’m grateful for 6 days a week (up from 5 days a week last month)
  2. Exercise for at least 30 minutes at least 4 times a week (down from 5 times a week last month, which was pretty much unobtainable then and will likely be less so at holiday time this month – maybe I’ll go back up to 5 times a week in January)
  3. Get to work by 8:30 am at least 3 times a week (if you know me very well, you know I struggle with perpetual tardiness, and getting to work is no exception, but if I get there by 8:30 then I can feel good about leaving at 5:00, which makes it possible to drive to, find parking for, and change clothes for 5:30 fitness classes at the gym)

I’ll let you know in January how I do, but today I’ve got 2 out of 3.  I was fully planning to go to zumba today, but I had a work problem crop up at 4:45 that was important and kept me from leaving on time.  C’est la vie.  Tomorrow is hip hop class, and I haven’t been for a while – I’m really hoping to make that one. 🙂  In the meantime, if you’re interested in joining me on Health Month, look me up and friend me or follow me or whatever people do there!  Could be fun…  My profile is


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