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Monday Miscellany

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!  Mine was lovely, spent with my family in the comfort of my childhood home with lots of delicious foodstuffs.  I also had a 7-year-old attached to my hip for about 4 days straight, which was simultaneously pleasant, weird, and a little annoying at times.  But I do love that little fidgety girl, so it was nice to spend time with her.  I think we also managed to create a little Apples to Apples addict – we bought her the Kids version for her birthday a few months ago, but she hadn’t really played it yet because it takes at least 4 people to play.  Once she brought it out and we showed her how to play, she never wanted to stop – she wore ME out, and you guys know how much I love playing A2A!

Anyway, on to the linky linky love from the past week:

  • Unusual but undoubtedly delicious pie from a local pie master I know – to try sometime in the future.
  • Typewriter waffles sound nerdishly delicious to me!
  • Interesting and weird interview with Umberto Eco on why we (i.e., humans) like to make lists so much.
  • Finally, something that’s been bugging me for weeks and just keeps getting more ridiculous.  This whole thing with the new TSA scanners and invasive pat-down procedures – really?  We need to treat our citizens like criminals just to feel safe flying anymore?  I’m terribly offended by the fact that our government seems supportive of this, that we either get scanned by potentially unsafe and cancer-causing scanners (to say nothing of how revealing the scans themselves are, creating weird black-and-white inverse nudie pictures, basically) OR we can choose to be groped in intimate body parts by strangers.  Apparently, you’d better not even travel when you’re on your period if you use any kind of pad instead of a tampon and want to avoid being scanned AND groped.  ARGH!

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