Tranche de Vie

Tranche de Vie: 11 November 2010

My word, it took me a long time to get this one up and running!  Things have just been completely insane over the last couple of weeks.  I was going to post this last night and instead got to spend the evening trying (unsuccessfully) to fix my laptop, which decided to have a freak-out on me all of a sudden last night.  No matter.  I have my mysterious ways of getting things done; they just had to wait a day.  So without further ado, here is November’s Tranche de Vie!

I woke up to two little monkeys waiting semi-patiently for their morning walk and breakfast.
When I took the pups on their walk, this tree in our complex was just glowing with the rising sun shining on it.
I had coffee with my new favorite creamer...
...and my favorite blend of 3 cereals with banana for my breakfast.
When I came home at lunch, I tackled a mountain of dishes. This is actually the AFTER picture - I didn't have time to finish them all!
Mmmm, Healthy Choice for lunch!
I was planning to hit the bank to make a deposit of birthday money, editing payment and travel reimbursement, so I got the deposit ready at lunch. Too bad I didn't end up actually going to the bank for a few more days.
I had to run an errand at lunch as well, and got behind this awesome restored car on the way!
My errand? Keswick Vineyard, to buy a birthday gift that I needed 2 days later.
I bought some of their awesome Norton chocolate sauce for a friend and fellow wine and chocolate lover.
It was a GORGEOUS day out in Keswick. (I admit, I tarted this photo up a little with a photo editing tool, but I love the finished product!)
Another vineyard picture - it really was beautiful. (Also enhanced a little from the original.)
When I left work, it was almost too dark for taking pictures, but I got this one looking down Pantops toward the mountains in the distance. The colors of the sky didn't come out very well, sad to say.
Flags near my work today, Veterans Day 2010

Insert into your imagination here some photos I didn’t take – we went to dinner at the home of our friends Kendra and David and their little girl Sophia, and I totally spaced on taking any photos.  So imagine if you will a delicious Mexican feast, with enchiladas and chips and salsa and fruit and beer and cookies!  And then an always-hilarious game of Apples to Apples.

I did remember to take a picture of the receipt for buying the beer and crack cookies, at least!

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