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Monday Miscellany

My Halloween was pretty good, how about yours?  I ate plenty of candy to make up for all the kids who didn’t knock on our door.  We watched The Mummy – with Boris Karloff, not Branden Fraser, people – and followed that up with The Shining, which officially makes the first movie that’s ever scared me that didn’t stick with me after the movie was over.  I think that’s because the possibility of it ever recurring seems so remote – I mean, Dave and I would have to move to a really remote location where we won’t see anyone else for months and months, he’d have to be naturally violent, and the place would have to be haunted with spirits bent on turning him homicidal.  I think I’m safe.  Ghosts and demons and monsters and random serial killers are MUCH harder for my overactive imagination to shake.  Anyway, on to the collection of links and weird crap I have for you this week!

  • Lamest. Halloween. Hand-out. EVER.  After I saw this post, we actually saw these in our grocery store. Handing these out = Halloween FAIL.
  • After my post last week on Halloween costumes, you know I think that “sexy” costumes for pre-teens are vile.  I have a different reaction to “sexy” costumes for adults, though – I find them hilarious.  Check out Sexy Stay-Puft, Sexy Chewbacca and Sexy Big Bird (you’ll have to scroll down a bit, below the adorable child Robocop, to get to them), and the 10 “best” sexy geek costumes, including Spongebob and Brian the dog from Family Guy.  Ahem.  I’ll stick to sitting on my couch eating candy, thanks.
  • Moving on from Halloween, though perhaps fodder for a horror movie, this atrocious crime just has me baffled.  BAFFLED.  If ever I’ve heard a good story for mandatory sterilization, this would be it.
  • I was also appalled by this terrible, terrible plot to wrest every child’s God-given right, the school snow day, away from kids and teachers!  OK, so that’s a little less important than the previous item.  Whatever.  Teachers love snow days too, you know!
  • Tubeless toilet paper?  Color me intrigued.  I’d try it for sure, do my part to not throw away all those toilet paper tubes every year.
  • Back to horror with….the baby bacon meatloaf!  Who on earth MADE this thing?!  It’s terrifying!

4 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany

    1. Yeah, but recycling takes some fossil fuels and energy to make happen – not having to do it at all would be awesome! Plus we don’t have recycling pick-up – we keep all our shit in our tiny 4th floor condo until we gather the will to drag it all down to the car and drive it to the McIntire Road recycling center. I’m not going to pretend we ALWAYS recycle everything we should; it’s such a huge pain in the butt that it’s a miracle we recycle almost everything we can.

  1. Thank you for posting the infant meatloaf. I just emailed Jay, asking if he wants meatloaf (his favorite!) for dinner, and I linked to the picture. I’m guessing we’ll go out to eat tonight. 🙂

  2. Has this school district in OH not heard of power outages and the digital divide? It still exists. Both of them! Perhaps this is a well-to-do district. As for the TP rolls, pass them on to gardeners. Gardeners can cut them in 3rds or 4ths, fill them with soil and seeds, and start seedlings in the spring. Then it all goes straight into the ground.

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