Sweet Home · Things That Make My Day

Digging Out

I’m so close to finishing my edits on a client’s book that I can taste it, and I’m late on my deadline for this one so I’m really eager to get it finished.  Thus my absence most of this week – when I’ve not been at regular work, I’ve been frantically editing.

I’ve hit my editing quota for the evening with a few minutes to spare, and I’ve already done this week’s homework assignment for my copyediting II course (though I haven’t done my reading for this week – shhh, don’t tell the teacher!), so I thought I’d bang out a little note before I get up and go clean the bathrooms in preparation for our dinner guests tomorrow night.  This week, I have been extremely thankful for my husband and for good friends and co-workers.  I don’t know what it is – I’m busy and a little stressed, and that usually makes me cranky, but this week I have not really been cranky.  I feel grateful and somewhat in awe of how good my life is.

I think it’s a combination of things, probably, but part of it is coming home after missing my husband for a week, part of it is the kind and unexpected offer of a friend to care for our dogs this weekend when we wanted to leave town, and part of it is looking forward to two social occasions in the next 48 hours: dinner at our house for friends tomorrow night, and then a musically-oriented party – a sort of play- and sing-along – with friends we haven’t seen in far too long on Saturday night.  And while I still don’t know how I will ever get done all the things I have decided in my head that I need to get done, I feel OK about that.  My heart is light.  I wish I could share this feeling with some loved ones who I know are not feeling so light-hearted these days.  Maybe just hearing that I love them and I’m thinking of them – yes, I’m talking to YOU! – will help.  🙂


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