Honey Bear

32 Things About My Husband

My husband, doing what I see him do most often and what he's probably doing tonight: lying on the couch reading a book with a dog curled up at his feet.
  1. As much as I read, he reads even more than me.
  2. While he reads primarily comic books in print, he also listens to a fair number of audiobooks – almost all of which are classic literature.
  3. He’s quick to anger, what with all of that Irish and Italian blood in his veins.
  4. His anger goes away pretty quickly, though, and he sometimes feels silly for getting that upset in the first place.
  5. He frequently talks about throwing the dogs off the balcony or killing one to make an example to the other, but they’re both more attached to him than to me – he’s secretly crazy about them.
  6. He is the chef in our house, making dinner for us almost every night.
  7. He makes what is probably the best alfredo sauce I have ever eaten in my life, not that I’m biased or anything.
  8. He remembers pretty much all of the main actors and the director of every movie he’s ever seen.
  9. But he has a hard time remembering when we have weekend plans even when I’ve told him 3 different times leading up to the event.
  10. His mother taught him all of the U.S. Presidents in chronological order when he was a toddler, and he still knows them all – if you ask him who the 21st President was, he can tell you.  Accurately.  Every time.  And he can often tell you their Vice Presidents and sometimes the names of their wives and opponents in the elections, too.
  11. He is a creator on several original comics, including one that was published in a sci-fi comic anthology.
  12. He’s really, really smart, though he’s fond of saying he’s not.
  13. He’s a huge fan of stand-up comedy and loves to watch his favorites live or recorded or even listen to them on an album.
  14. I was attracted to him when we first met for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons was that we had such a good time laughing together.
  15. He’s a really good judge of people, which I know because of the friends he had before we met, all of whom I have adopted unequivocally as my own friends as well.
  16. One of his best friends is his younger sister.
  17. He’s a city boy, through and through, though I’ve been slowly acclimating him to the country when we visit Bedford.
  18. Once when we were driving on the highway and a smell permeated the air, I said, “Somebody must’ve hit a skunk!”  And he replied, “Is that what that smell is?  I’ve always wondered.”  That’s when I knew how much of a city boy he is.
  19. He’s from a rather different background than me in some ways, and yet we were raised with similar values and ideas about how the world should work.
  20. In other words, his mama raised him right.
  21. He may be the most tolerant and unpredjudiced person I’ve ever known, and I aspire to be that free from bias.  It’s the way I think everyone in the world should be.
  22. He’s the person who made me watch Sex and the City, because he’d been watching it and thought it was a well-written and interesting show.
  23. He also enjoyed watching Gilmore Girls with me.  He really doesn’t care if people think something is girly as long as he thinks it’s well-made and interesting.
  24. He has a 60 GB iPod that is almost completely full.  That’s how much music he has.
  25. He has a large collection of classical music CDs that haven’t even been imported into iTunes yet, definitely enough to push his iPod over its limit.
  26. I often describe him as a media nerd, because he’s passionate about almost all types of media: movies, books, comics, music, etc.
  27. He’s also passionate about football, and both the angriest and the happiest I ever see him tends to be during Redskins games.
  28. I think the Redskins pulled out their overtime victory last Sunday in honor of his birthday.
  29. His birthday is today.
  30. And I’m not home for it since I had to work on the other side of the country, and he never let on that he was at all upset about that.
  31. He’s even driving to Richmond to pick me up at the airport on Saturday.
  32. I think he’s just awesome, and I swear I won’t fall asleep on Saturday night until we’ve had some time to hang out for the first time in a week.  And I really hope the Redskins win this Sunday, too!

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