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Favorite Kinds of Art Stuffs

I like art.  And for someone who likes art, I sure don’t own very much of it.  I think it’s because often, even getting a nice print, matted and framed, is pretty pricey and it’s still only a print.  And getting original art is generally just totally out of my price range.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t like it.

I have two numbered prints at home that I bought for myself that I really should have framed in nicer trappings, both of art done by a Holocaust survivor fairly local to us in Virginia who lost both thumbs during his time in a concentration camp.  And he’s still an incredible artist.  When I was teaching, he came to speak to all of the sixth-graders once, and I couldn’t resist buying two of his prints.  He was a child during WWII, lost his parents and both thumbs to the Holocaust, and grew up to marry a German woman and move to America.  And he was a dirty old man, too – he totally looked at my chest the whole time I talked to him, but he was harmless and I found it more amusing than creepy when combined with the rest of his personality.

I also have two numbered prints by someone who was apparently a fairly well-known artist that belonged to my husband’s grandmother.  His parents had them stashed away, not on display, because it’s not their style of art, and I said I liked them, so his mom sent them home with us.  They’re colorful, Spanish-style paintings in what were probably once nice frames, but the frames are coming apart.  They really need to be reframed.

I have a few other prints around that need to be framed, and I have some photos that we’ve bought or been given that are framed and on the walls (one from Chicago, one my friend Dan took of a dragonfly, and one I saw on a wall in an upscale Mexican restaurant in Phoenix and fell in love with and came home and tracked down the photographer to obtain).  I have a photo montage-turned-comic panels created as a gift by David’s sister’s incredibly talented husband.  And I have a few still lifes I painted myself hanging in my kitchen, but they’re not really art, per se, so much as personal projects.

All this comes to mind because I’m staring at a painting on the wall of the hotel that I think is lovely.  I have no idea if this is a painting of London or not, but it reminds me of London.  Here it is:

I love that it looks all smeared and rainy, like the chalk drawings Dick Van Dyke’s character draws in Mary Poppins when they’re rained on.   It just looks so watery, with that one lovely cheerful spot in the middle of the lady’s pink shawl.

This is actually a much more classical and traditional painting than I’m usually drawn to.  I generally like the modern, unusual and interesting, artists like Dali and Magritte.  I also like interesting photography, partly because I’m such a terrible photographer that I’m jealous and partly because I think it’s really cool that you can make such interesting art out of things that are just there, the creativity coming more from how you capture the image rather than what is captured.  And I like what I think of as cutesy geek art, things like comic pages or drawings, robots, weird little round people and creatures.  Probably I should have more art, really, but I don’t.  Maybe I’ll start collecting some.  In the meantime, here are some awesome art pieces I found while trolling the internets.

Time Transfixed, by Rene Magritte
Blue Octopus, by DreameryStudio (on Etsy)
Twinkle, by irenesuchocki (on Etsy)

I’m sure there are tons out there, but I grew tired of searching 🙂  Maybe I’ll feature some more arts on a “Things that Make My Day” post some time!


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