Tranche de Vie

Tranche de Vie: 11 October 2010

Aye-yi-yi.  Unlike 11 September, 11 October was not a particularly fascinating day in my life.  I am away, managing a conference, you see.  And while I am in what I am sure is a lovely setting – San Jose, California – I do not exactly get to experience it.  For those of you who seem to think that I live a very glamorous life, jet-setting to distant locales on my employer’s dime, today you will get a taste of exactly how exciting it is to get up at 5:00 am and sit at a registration desk all day long.  Whee.

At least the hotel is old and small and just lovely. This is the original wooden countertop around an updated sink and fixtures.
The detailed original tile work - check out the sun tile behind the shower head.
It's totally the little things that matter - L'Occitane products in Verbena in the bathroom, to help me wake up to one of my favorite scents at the ungodly hour I have to rise.
And, OMG, butterflies painted in an inset tray in the ceiling of the bathroom. I seriously love this hotel, which is awesome because I may see very little else this week (other than several airports).
A shot of my room from the door - comfy and yet still antique-feeling.
Last shot from my room, I promise! This is the antique dresser in my room - one normal shot (on top) that shows the rich colors of the wood, and then one HDR shot (on bottom) that shows you how incredibly detailed it is.
This is my main view from the registration desk. It's not really a hallway that goes on forever; it's mirrored at the end. And the Italian restaurant on the left is the hotel's only restaurant, and it is AWESOME. Again, good, since I'll probably eat there for 90% of my non-conference meals this week (and they're catering the conference).
The view in the other direction from my seat at the registration desk, into the hotel lobby.
My little registration desk. I have no clue who the marble head belongs to, but it's sitting on top of a marble law book...
A terrible low-res picture of me at my registration desk, where I sit most of the day.
The coolest thing I noticed about our hotel yesterday - this was taken of a "mailbox" right by the elevators on the 5th floor. It works, by the way...
...because it's really a mail CHUTE where all the mail from all the floors lands HERE, in this box that's by the elevators in the lobby! So cool, so pretty.

And that is pretty much the sum total of my day.  Boring, huh.  There were other moments of absolute insanity where I was charging up and down the steps between the first and second floors to work with both sets of speakers and replenish our handout book supplies, running around with memory sticks trying to get presentations onto the right computers, changing signs so they were correct, handing out badges and handout books, etc., but those times are way too busy for me to take photos.  I did also have dinner – in the hotel restaurant – and it was delicious, but I was with my boss and a Board member and I would have felt really silly pulling out my camera to photograph my meal, so I didn’t.  I was in bed by 9:00 pm.  Exciting!


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