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Monday Miscellany

Even though I’m far away on a trip for work, I am doing my best to light your life with my favorite links from the past week. 🙂  Here we go!

  • Did you have any clue how many different foods could be fried?  Butter?  A margarita??!?  Me neither, until I read this post on the insane fried foods at the Texas State Fair.  (Make sure to click through the photos and read the descriptions at the bottom of the post.)
  • I’ve always been fascinated by languages, but they do not come to me naturally.  Some people pick up languages the way I eat chocolate; sadly, I am not one of them.  That doesn’t mean I like them any less, which is why I thought it was crazy-cool to find out linguists have not only discovered an entirely new language they’d never heard before, but that it’s one that doesn’t work like any other language we know about yet.  Awesome.
  • Want to decorate for Halloween without all the orange plastic kitsch?  This post has some great “classy” Halloween decorations.  I’m partial to the skull placecard holders from Barney’s, despite the fact I have never used a placecard holder in my life!
  • I was totally offended by this story about firefighters who watched a family’s home burn because they hadn’t paid a $75 annual fee for the fire department’s service.  I can’t understand how, as a human being, you could stand by and not try to help someone whose house was burning down.  I definitely think the county needs to re-think their policy and include the service as part of taxes or something, like most areas, because that is completely ridiculous.
  • Um, yeah.  I’m totally making this Butterscotch Pecan Pie.

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