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All Things Ironic and/or Silly

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So after yesterday’s serious, lengthy post, I wanted to post something light-hearted today.  Light-hearted and short.  Maybe something about the fact that today is filled with odd coincidences.  Today is the first day of autumn here in Virginia, and we experienced a high of about 95 degrees.  It’s so weird, because the leaves are turning brown and you can smell just the beginnings of that sweet smell dead leaves have when you rake them into a pile, but it’s HOT.  Very incongruous.

Or the fact that the new movie about the creation of Facebook – The Social Network – is getting more and more press, releasing new trailers, opening in theaters everywhere next week and premiering tomorrow, but today Facebook crashed for a few hours in the middle of the afternoon.  HOURS.  Major websites just don’t crash for that long very often.  It’s kinda weird.

And perhaps, I just wanted to share something silly with the world today.  Something extremely silly that brings me to giggles.  And after you view that, you will view this and giggle even more.  That is all.


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