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Monday Miscellany

It’s another random post!  Hooray for the randoms!

  • I don’t know if you ever read Water for Elephants, but if you did not, you should.  Immediately.  It’s a fantastic book by Sara Gruen about a circus and a very special elephant.  And now she’s got a NEW book out, Ape House, about bonobo monkeys.  And we all have a chance to win a signed copy, courtesy of my very favorite author, the brilliant wordsmith Joshilyn Jackson.  Hie thee hence!
  • I totally love my iPhone, but this still cracked me up.
  • Best Cake Wrecks in a long while.
  • Love. This. Jacket.  And it comes in my size – squee!  (Love this whole site, really, I subscribe to an RSS feed of all their new products 🙂 )
  • Stand back, Jack (or probably more accurately, Johnny): Virginia has its own scotch distillery now.  They’re doing a free tasting of their double malt in Charlottesville on October 15.  My husband’s money may never be safe again.

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