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John Cage Is My Favorite

I am in a particularly crappy mood tonight and I’m not entirely sure why, so I’m trying to focus once again on positives and happy things.  Recently, David and I have been watching the entire series of Ally McBeal, which was a favorite of mine when it was on TV.  He had never seen it.  I admit it’s not perfect, but most of the writing was really quite good, and the characters are insane and bizarre in a loveable way.  We’ve been enjoying it most nights – though it has re-ignited my hatred of Vonda Shepard.  Anyway, happy things.  Of course I love the title character because she’s completely psycho and the stories are intended to focus on her.  But Ally is not my favorite.  My favorite is John Cage, the Biscuit, played by Peter MacNicol.

The Biscuit

John is simultaneously the most intelligent and most mentally imbalanced character on the show, and he’s also the best attorney in the firm.  Watching him dance to his inner theme song – Barry White’s “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” – makes me want to get up and dance too.  I find the wit and irony that is often scripted to issue from his mouth an irresistible combination with the slapstick humor that is forced on him by the writers.  He’s smart, weird, tender, dorky, and funny.  And he totally makes my day.


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