Tranche de Vie

Tranche de Vie: 11 September 2010

Teaser! You have to click the link at the bottom to see all the pictures!

Woo, this was a good one!  It happened to fall on the first annual beer festival in Charlottesville, which we attended with David’s sister and her husband.  (Yes, it also happened to fall on the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy.  We didn’t do anything patriotic or rememberical except tasting beers.)

So I’m going to try a different approach for this month’s tranche de vie.  And I want you guys to tell me which you prefer.  In the last one (which was the first one), I posted a bunch of photos into the main body of the post.  This time, I’ve created a slide show that I’m going to link to here for you to go view.  Try it out.  Go back and visit the August post.  Let me know what you prefer.  Thanks!


(I recommend setting the slideshow to full screen to see the pictures without the tops getting cut off, and setting the speed to slow so you have time to read the captions.)


One thought on “Tranche de Vie: 11 September 2010

  1. Ha, Eric’s got some pretty goofy pictures as well.
    I think I like them embedded on the page more than a slideshow, but do what works best for you.
    And enjoy the Wittekerke! I miss it already…

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