Poor Baby Girl

After abandoning our poor newest, littlest puppy at a kennel (where she was spoiled rotten and treated like a queen, by the way) for 3 days while we were at my dear dear friend’s wedding, I up and put Delia in the car again this morning to take her to the vet to be spayed and microchipped.  Poor baby.  She is SO pitiful!  She’s easy to manage right now because she’s dopey, but when she comes alive again, it’s going to be REALLY hard to keep her and McNulty separated for a week so she can heal.  She’s not allowed to play or jump on the couch or do stairs or anything, which is going to be difficult to enforce.  She may have to be confined to her crate, which just KILLS me to think about, but it might be the only way we can keep her from being nutso.  In addition to being pitiful right now, though, she’s also hilarious because she’s so dopey.  Here she is, spacing out while McNulty looks on, wondering what on earth is wrong with her…


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