A Local – No, I Mean TOTALLY Local – Restaurant

So David and I went to a new restaurant tonight.  It’s only been open for a couple of weeks, but I’ve been hearing about it for few months and I’ve been eager to give it a try.  It’s called Brookville, and they use only and entirely fresh and local food.  The menu is quite limited, changing every day based on what’s available from area farms.  Tonight there were 5 or 6 appetizers and salads, 3 entrees and 1 dessert.  That’s a pretty small menu, but everything sounded really good.  I didn’t take pictures tonight, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

The brought us some homemade bread and local butter to start, which was really fantastic.  I honestly think this butter was the highlight of my husband’s evening.  We also each had a glass of a really nice Italian white wine.  Then David ordered the green leaf salad to start, which was admittedly a little bit boring.  It was lettuce and pecorino with a homemade dressing, a pretty decent-sized plate of it.  It was good, just not super-interesting.  I had an item that was apparently new on the menu, a carmen cheese tea sandwich with a grilled peach and mint salad.  My appetizer was AWESOME.  Imagine slightly spicy homemade super-fresh pimento cheese on grilled homemade bread – delish!  And the peaches and mint were really unusal and really, really yummy, swimming in melted butter at the bottom of the dish.

For entrees, David had the hanger steak and I had the pork tenderloin.  He ordered the steak medium, and I think it was more medium rare, but better that than the other way – if he’d wanted to, he could have asked them to take it back and cook it a little bit longer.  It came with a homemade potato salad, and again, everything was super-fresh, but it wasn’t terribly interesting.  My pork was breaded and fried to perfection – David liked mine better than his, I think.  It came with a little bit of the green leaf salad that he had before dinner, which was nice as a side to the entree, and some delicious, slightly crispy roasted potatoes.  I enjoyed every bite.

So I really liked my meal.  David liked his fine and appreciated how fresh everything was, but he was underwhelmed for the price.  I think it’s a fascinating model for a restaurant, and I’ll be interested to see what else they come up with as the seasons change (hopefully they’ll start posting daily menus to their blog).  It’s not really any pricier than any other restaurant in town, and I want to support this kind of effort to source local food, but I imagine it may be a while before we go back just because David wasn’t totally sold.  Regardless, that’s one down on the list of relatively new local places I want to try; still on the list are Tavola, Camino and Fry’s Spring Station!


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