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The Summer of Exercise Disruptions…and Going Back to School

Quintessential representation of summer. Despite the fact that I never entered a single pool all summer. Source: stock.xchng

So, as of mid-June, before we ate our way through Portland, I had lost about 35 lbs in a year’s time, and I was working out regularly and keeping track of what I ate to make sure I didn’t eat too many calories.  I was doing pretty good.  And then Summer happened.

Oh, Summer.  You have beaten me down with your delicious foods and many parties and overstuffed to-do lists and dinners out and trips and not enough time to go to the gym, not to mention your insanely hot and humid days that made me not want to move ever again and my husband’s quest to create the perfect alfredo sauce.  You did not entirely triumph, though – I only gained back about 2 lbs.  Apparently the heat, she made me sweat the crap out.  And by crap, I mean all the pizza and cheese and ice cream and Nutella and pasta and beer I consumed this summer.

Despite the fact that I myself am no longer in school and I don’t have kids, I still look forward to school starting every year.  It’s kind of like New Year’s only it’s not cold outside.  It’s a fresh start.  A time for resolutions.  So today, I started school again, meaning I hauled my butt back to the gym.  And my step class kicked that butt, though in a good way.  It felt good to actually cross “Exercise” off of my to-do list today.  And the fall class schedule for my gym has been printed, so I picked one up and re-evaluated my usual routine (or what was my usual routine in June and the months before that), plotting out what was working and what I wanted to switch up.  My Tuesdays and Wednesdays are a little in flux right now; I’m going to try a couple of new (to me) cardio classes and see what I like better and then do yoga on the other day.  I did not track my food intake today, but I didn’t eat absolutely horribly either.  I plan to start tracking my food again next week – one goal at a time to get myself back on schedule.  And hopefully I can lose some more weight, and more importantly, start feeling strong and fit again instead of tired and flabby.


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