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$200 Shower Curtains? Really?

I have very few magazines that I really enjoy reading.  I’m not a celebrity rag kind of girl, but I like pretty things and smart things, so Real Simple and mental_floss are the only two subscriptions I get.  Yes, I do appreciate the irony of Real Simple, which is about 200 pages of things to do or buy to “simplify” your life, but I still like reading the magazine.  Sometimes, though?  I think that these people might be slightly out of touch with the real world.  Like when they do an article on pretty shower curtains featuring numerous shower curtains that cost more than $100, and at least one that’s listed as more than $200.

This is the featured $200+ shower curtain. Um. Pretty, but $200? Really?

Now, I think the linens they include are very pretty.  And they do include exactly 3 that are less than $50, including a lovely one from Wal-Mart, of all places.  And I think the pricey ones are beautiful, but…it’s a shower curtain.  Who in the world do they think is spending that much money on a friggin’ shower curtain?!  I’m sure some people are, but very few people who I know would drop that kind of change for a simple piece of fabric that hangs in your damp bathroom all day, likely getting moldy and dingy.  So, Real Simple, while appreciate your sense of aesthetic, about 90% of your readership is not ready to spend $200 on a shower curtain.  Might want to rethink that approach.


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