Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

This is me and my friend Amy, our senior year in high school, being incredibly dorky.  We went to a separate regional school for gifted students in science and technology for half the day, and then went to our regular high school the rest of the day.  (Side note: I was always always ALWAYS a better humanities student, especially English/literature, but this was the only option for smart kids in our area, and I knew it would look good when applying to college so I went anyway.)  CVGS, our sci/tech school, was 30 minutes away, so those of us who attended (about 4 or 5 from my grade I think?) carpooled, and most of us were pretty good friends to begin with so we just became closer through this experience.  Yeah, we were total nerds.  It’s true.  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that before.  Anyway, this particular photo – from our regular high school yearbook, hence the black and white – captures an especially nerdy habit that Amy and I had.  We would get to school with enough time to goof around in the computer lab, and we also took a computer science class where we often worked together.  We would often share a seat, choose something to do together, and then type with one hand each.  If I was on the left side of the seat, I’d be the left hand, and vice versa.  I know.  Really dorky.  I warned you.


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