Oh, Pupsies…

Needless to say, I’ve gotten lots of questions this week about how things are going with the dogs.  Is Delia adjusting?  Is she behaving?  Has she had any accidents?  Does McNulty like her?  Have you gotten any sleep?  Are they driving you crazy?  Is she sweet?  Is she adorable?  The answer to ALL of those questions is YES.

She is a puppy, folks, and a puppy in a new environment at that.  I kind of think it’s amazing she hasn’t had more accidents.  She has had several, but she’s trying to get used to a new place, a new routine, new people and a new dog, and we’re trying to adjust our schedule to take her out as much as she needs, and we’re trying to figure out her signals for when she needs to go out…it’s just a big adjustment all around.  But I think we’re making progress.  She is, fortunately, not a very chewy puppy.  She chews on her toys, and while she occasionally nibbles on something she’s not supposed to, telling her “No” makes her stop.  We have been keeping her crated at night and when we’re not at home, just in case, but we’re experimenting with leaving her uncrated for very short periods of time (less than an hour) when we’re out.  At night, she’s mostly quiet…except when she scratches at whatever is in the bottom of her crate (which is a little bed/pad right now) and her nails scratch on the plastic bottom of her crate.  But she’s really good about not whining or barking or waking us up on purpose, though the scratching can be rough at times (she almost got relocated to the living room last night).

As for McNulty, mostly he’s fine with her.  As we hoped, she’s making him move more – they wrestle and play tug-of-war with toys and chase each other around the house.  Sometimes she tries to make him play when he just does not feel like dealing with her, and then he tries to get away from her or just lays there while she chews on him.  He has gotten a bit growly with her a time or two over food or a rawhide bone – she is fearless and is not above trying to get whatever he’s got while he’s eating it – but since we’ve been home every time we’ve fed them or given them treats, nothing ever got out of hand; he didn’t even snap at her.  Mostly, he does seem glad to have a playmate.

As for if she’s adorable, OMG YES.  Look at her!  I want to eat her up every time I look at her.  And of course, it didn’t take her long to acquire a nickname.  Most of you know that we call McNulty “Monkey” about 90% of the time.  Delia has quickly become “Flopsy” or “Flops” because she’s just so…flopsy!


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