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We Have an Announcement to Make…

David holds Delia on his lap while McNulty looks on.

…David and I have taken in another dog.  We’ve named her Delia, and she’s a 6-month-old Poochon (that’s a Poodle-Bichon Frise mix).  She came to us because her previous, elderly owner broke her foot and couldn’t walk her anymore, and she asked her Meals on Wheels volunteer – who also happens to be my boss’s husband – to find a good home for her.  She is incredibly sweet, and she and McNulty seem to get along just fine so far.  Obviously, as a puppy, she’s more active than he is, and we’re hoping that will make him a little more playful and active eventually, too (he even played with her a little bit this afternoon!).  That said, she hasn’t so far exhibited a lot of “puppy behavior” other than just moving around more than McNulty does – she hasn’t tried to chew anything up other than her toys (not seriously, anyway, just a nibble here or there and she stops when you tell her no), and she hasn’t had any accidents yet.  She is crate-trained already, and we plan to keep her in her crate when we’re not home and at night for a little while, until we’ve had time to establish a schedule and she and McNulty have had time to learn to live with one another.


3 thoughts on “We Have an Announcement to Make…

  1. Well, so much for no accidents – we had both a pee and a poo tonight. We’ve taken her out about 6 times already today, and my boss and her husband said she didn’t have many accidents while she was with them (and they took her out 4 times a day), so I have to imagine it has something to do with just being in a new place and unsure of things and not on a schedule yet.

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