Family Ties

What’s Been Keeping Me Busy

Things I’ve done this week while at my parents’ house (in no particular order):

  • Got lost on the way to a bridal shower
  • Lost all semblance of cell phone service
  • Worked with my dad to make a mean dinner of taco pie with fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes and fried squash
  • Dried out my eyes and gave myself a headache finishing a book I’ve been editing
  • Stayed up until 2:00 am to also finish reading a book for pleasure
  • NOT worked much on my day-job work except to spend a couple hours on email each day
  • NOT done any of my Rosetta Stone Italian lessons (I’m trying to catch up to David, who is way ahead of me right now)
  • Saw a dear friend of my mom’s who I haven’t seen in probably over 10 years, someone I grew up thinking of as a kind of aunt
  • Shared a margarita with my dad while we waited for take-out Mexican food
  • Had a conversation with the checkout boy at Food Lion about the merits of the iPhone vs. the Droid
  • Sat in the hot sun for an hour to watch a surly little girl half-ass her way through cheerleading practice
  • Helped the same little girl access her brand-new email account that her mom just set up for her and figure out how to use it
  • Had the same little girl so excited to see me that she’s staying the night here, in bed with me, tonight

And that’s just this week so far!  Who knows what else will happen!  Eccitazione!!!


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