Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

Back to my junior year of high school!  That’s me on the far left, and then comes my dear dear friend Kristine, to whose BRIDAL SHOWER I am going tomorrow (that’s what brought on this particular nostalgic image), then Anna, Amy, Chris, my BFF Amanda (who you may recognize from a previous FF post), and Sandy.  Most of these folks (minus Sandy – not that we didn’t like her, but she was younger than us and we didn’t hang out really often) were my regular crew in high school, my closest buddies and pals (excepting my HS boyfriend, who was not on this trip).  We were band nerds, and this was taken on a band trip to Florida.  We played a concert at Universal Studios, if memory serves, and then we got to go to the Disney parks for a day.  Our particular group in this photo, we were the nerds who chose Epcot over the Magic Kingdom, so maybe that makes us band SUPER-nerds?  Not sure.  Regardless, it was a fun trip, as evidenced by our smiling faces – except when the bus driver almost wrecked our bus in the middle of the night on the way down and things tumbled from the overhead bins, banging us on our heads, giving our band director a minor concussion and cracking the glass of one of the bus windows.  That was maybe not the most fun part (that was on THIS trip, right guys?).  Of course, when you’re in high school, you can have fun hanging out in a landfill as long as you’re with your best pals.  Also, our fashion choices?  Ignore, please.  Remember this was the early-mid ’90s, and we were hot and sweaty in a Florida amusement park all day.  And we probably weren’t the most fashionable teenagers to begin with.  We knew how to have fun, though, right?!  Right?!!?!  Guys?


5 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. I remember that trip! I think I was a freshman??? Anyway – I definitely remember the crazy falling-asleep bus driver thing and Ramsey’s head almost being split open by a case…was it a hatbox? It seems like it wasn’t a big deal back then, but I look back now and think, wow, that was pretty unsafe! I think we all were joking about he fell asleep even though he said he saw a deer and swerved to miss it? hmm…

  2. And this was AFTER we all paid whatever money for this trip with the understanding that we would be going on some sort of cruise, only to find out like the day of the trip, that the cruise ship had been seized because the owners hadn’t paid their taxes! Or some lie like that. I definitely remember thinking somebody made out like a bandit when we paid for a cruise and got a day at Disney instead.

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