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Things I Learned Last Night While NOT Writing a Blog Post

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Remember when you were a kid, and there would be a thunderstorm and the power went out, and it was super-cool because it was like camping in your own house?  Your mom got out all the candles and flashlights and you had to eat food that was both non-perishable and needed no preparation.  Maybe you played games by candlelight or read by flashlight or just talked to your family.  It was like magic!

Yeah.  I’m clearly not a kid anymore.  We had a normal summer thunderstorm last night, and our power went out for about 4 hours.  The instant it went out, all I felt was intense annoyance.  Our dog freaks out during thunderstorms, so we have a little monkey having a panic attack and trying to pee on everything in sight, and now we can’t even SEE him to stop him.  I am desperately trying to finish a book I’m editing that I promised I’d have finished by now, and I need the internet when I’m editing to do fact-checking and such, and I have no internet and a computer that will lose power in about 2 hours tops anyway if I use it on battery power.  I do have a super-cool iPhone, which allowed me to check Facebook and play games and check the Dominion Power outage map on their website even without internet, but my battery was pretty low and I wanted to conserve it.  So I learned that my new reaction to power outages is boredom, frustration, and stress.

I think I’m officially a grown-up, and I’m NOT happy about it.


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