Brain Deadedness

I’m having real trouble focusing this week.  I can’t come up with good blog topics.  Apologies to those of you diligently following along.

General thought this week: Nutella is the best thing EVER.  I guess this isn’t really a revelation, but I’ve never allowed myself to have a jar of it in the house. Because it is dangerous. Very, very dangerous.  But we were at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, and Nutella was on sale.  In a moment of weakness, I grabbed a jar.  A small jar, but still…I brought it into the house.  And now I can’t stop eating it.  On crackers instead of peanut butter.  On bread by itself.  On bread with a banana.  On a banana.  On a spoon.  On my finger.  It is the best thing ever created.  And now I don’t think my pantry will be complete without it.  It has turned from a special treat I can get in my crepes at the takeaway creperie to something I am required to have at all times.  It deserves an ode, but I’m too tired to write one.


4 thoughts on “Brain Deadedness

  1. And, I can’t eat any tonight…because I have my glucose test tomorrow. Damn you! 🙂 Did you know you can buy Nutella for cheap at Costco? Oh, the lovely things you can do with Nutella.

    1. We, sadly, do not have a Costco. There is a Sam’s, but I stopped belonging to it ages ago because we never went. But our regular grocery store carries Nutella, and it was on GOOD sale the other week. I’ll have to wait for another sale and stock up…

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