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Random Assortment

I have to go to dinner with a client Board of Directors tonight, so this time – both tired and too busy to write an in-depth post.  I don’t want to leave you wanting two days in a row, though!  I know you can’t get enough of my ramblings!  🙂  So I have compiled a few assorted thoughts and thingies for you.

  • July can suck it.  It’s had a few golden moments, but largely has made me tired and cranky.  I’m not the only one.
  • My mom had knee replacement surgery today.  I haven’t talked to my dad, but he left me a voicemail saying she was out of surgery and the surgeon said things had gone well.  I tried to call this afternoon and see if he’d been able to actually talk to her yet, but it went straight to voicemail so he may be in the hospital room with her right now.  But I’m so relieved the surgery is over and the surgeon was positive about it.
  • Hilarious and disturbing video
  • Favorite iPhone app this past weekend?  The KAYAK app, which allowed me to track the flights of the 6 committee members I had flying in for a meeting and know when they were delayed and current estimated arrival times.  And it’s free!

I think that’ll do it, kids.  Hopefully I’ll have a better post for you tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Random Assortment

  1. You need to get in a hot shower or tub and soak that head–after taking Excederine Migraine.

    I am really glad to know that your mom came through okay!!! That’s wonderful! How long will she be in recovery?

    1. Head is doing better. I even had some red wine tonight and am so far doing okay.

      My mom will probably be recovering for 6 months to a year, realistically. But she’ll hopefully come home from the hospital this week.

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