Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

Ah, such fun days…  That would be my BFF to this day, Amanda, on the floor to the far left, my kid sister Holly in the Braves hat, and myself on the bed.  We were in my sister’s room, making a mix tape together.  And apparently eating pudding.  That’s just the sort of thing teenagers would do, isn’t it?  Make a mixing bowl of pudding with three spoons and eat it while making a mix tape?  I remember that day pretty well.  It seems like a great example of how I spent much of my high school years, and even the times I was home from break during my early college years.  I love that I have photos of my closest gal pal and me together from 15 years ago.  It makes me feel old, but it also makes me feel like my friendship is so valuable, like we have been through so much together and we know each other so well that it would be impossible to shake that foundation.  And I wish I were still as close to my sister now as I was then.  I love both of these girls so much, and it makes me all smiley to see this picture.


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