Things That Make My Day

Things That Make My Day

Tuesdays suck.  I know a number of people who agree with me on this.  Mondays are not fun because you have to go back to work, but generally Monday is quite busy, what with getting ready for the rest of the week and catching up on the weekend emails and whatnot.  So it usually passes fairly quickly.  Wednesday is halfway there, Thursday is so close you can taste it, and Friday might as well be the weekend already.  But Tuesday, that evil depressing beast of a day, has absolutely nothing going for it, unless you happen to have something special planned for that day or you’re on vacation or something.  My book club meets on Tuesdays, and those Tuesdays are not quite so bad.  Most of the time, though…

Today I have a total case of the Tuesdays.  I’m tired and cranky and the work day took forever to pass.  And so I decided to start a new feature for you guys, one that I hope will put me in a better mood and maybe make your Tuesday a little better too.  This isn’t going to be a regular feature – I’m not going to do it every week like Flashback Friday – but any time I’m in a really crappy mood, Tuesday or not, I’m going to try and come up with something on this topic: Things That Make My Day.  Because thinking about happy things can put you in a good mood, right?

The thing that made my day actually happened yesterday (okay, it happened Saturday, but I just found out about it yesterday).  It still makes me smile to think about it.  I commented on another blog, STLWorkingMom, hoping to win a pie-in-a-jar giveaway.  It was the same day that I was getting ready to write about my own pie-making adventures, so I mentioned that in my comment.  I didn’t win, but that was OK – she put up another post a few days later specifically naming my blog and a few others, with links, as new blogs she had discovered and like!  And it totally rocked my world and made me happy.  Add to that that my own pie post garnered 74 hits – more than this blog has ever gotten before or since – and I am made happy indeed.  All good things come from pie, it seems…


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