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Flashback Friday

So, this is a photo I dug up because I’m going to see a couple of these people this weekend, and I haven’t seen them in many many years and I’m very excited!  I was lucky enough to be chosen, when I was 15, to go to Virginia’s summer program for gifted students at the University of Richmond.  I was a humanities student, and I made a few lifelong friends there (maybe I’ll post their picture next week!).  When I grew up and was a teacher for 2 seconds (or 2 years, whatever), I somehow heard that this same program was accepting applications for Resident Assistants for the summer, and I jumped at the chance to make a little extra money during my free months and get the opportunity to go back to Governor’s School.  Again, I met several people during the 2 years I was an RA who became lifelong friends.  The picture above was taken during our raucous end-of-summer party, the one we had the day all the students went home, before we had to pack up the office.  That particular night involved ransomed plastic chickens, water fights, illegal rooftop excursions, loud drunken singing…and probably other things I don’t even remember.  It was super-good times.  I’m not sorry not to be teaching anymore, but I do miss Gov School, and considering it doesn’t exist in quite this form anymore, I’m missing it bunches more than usual this year.  But I can’t wait to see my pals on Sunday!


5 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. “Oh hey there’s Kim!” on the very bottom – Kim was my roommate Stephanie’s best friend in college, so I saw a lot of her…mostly the two of them studying as I ran out to a party, but…ya know 😉 Did you get to see her?

    1. No, Kim wasn’t there yesterday, sadly. I did see Danny, though! 🙂 He’s in the picture too, though you may have to click on it and make it bigger to see him – he’s near the top.

      1. oh cool, danny is my birthday buddy! (we found out in our Statistics class we had the same birthdate)

  2. I didn’t know it didn’t exist any more!! That sucks!! I went to the WIlliam and Mary one. It was incredible! I still remember it. In fact, I learned more about some things there than I did in college courses. You have made me sad. Okay not you- I won’t blame the messenger!

    1. It does exist, it’s just not the same. The one for humanities and visual/performing arts, which was the UofR one, is at Radford this year and they changed a lot about the way they manage it, for the worse in my opinion. Things like limiting themselves to only Radford faculty, whereas at UofR, the faculty had been building over a long time and came from all over the country, enriching the learning experience. It’s just been a disappointment to me, and a number of other former faculty and staff, that it has not been managed well at its new home this year.

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