Sweet Home

A Truce

I totally owe a review of Backseat Saints.  And I want to give one, I do!  I’m still just trying to figure out my thoughts.  I’m cogitating.  Plus I’m really tired tonight, so banging out something that actually sounds coherent about a book I love and an author I adore sounds too hard right now.

Instead, let’s talk about settling into a community.  I’ve lived in Charlottesville for almost 10 years, and it’s only now starting to feel like home.  We’ve taken a long time to warm up to each other, this town and I, but it’s starting to happen.  I see myself putting down roots here.  I’m finally making friends I see outside of work.  I’m excited about our restaurant week next month.  I joined a gym.  I joined a CSA.  And the pretentious yuppie hipster-ness still irritates me, but it irritates me just a smidge less than it did.

I’ve started appreciating the fact that people go out of their way to support local farmers and craftsman and businesses here.  That locally owned restaurants far outnumber chains.  That lots of people who live in Albemarle County (like us), where there is no pick-up for recycling, still collect all their recycling and haul it out to the recycling center, even though it’s a giant pain in the butt, because that’s the responsible thing to do.  That people love animals, particularly dogs (it’s a very dogly town).  And I’ve always appreciated the beauty here.

Of course, we also have only 2 main roads that are always busy and clogged with traffic because two sides have been arguing about building another road for 20 friggin’ years instead of finding a solution that will work for everyone.  And the cost of living is higher than it should be for a place with virtually no job market.  And you can’t go to any of the many desirable shops and restaurants on the Corner between August and May without wanting to murder all college students.  Like I said, there’s plenty that still annoys me.  But I think Cville and I have called a tenuous truce.  I can’t promise to live here always – you never know what the future will hold – but I also wouldn’t be upset if we stayed for a while.  I can’t believe it took 10 years to find my comfort zone, but better late than never, I suppose.


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