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Flashback Friday

Today’s belated post is brought to you by the crazy storm that passed through our town yesterday.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s hodge podge post, we had a 10-minute, really intense storm at around 5 pm yesterday.  The entire town was shut down today from the damage it caused.  We were really lucky – the only repercussions we experienced were losing cell phone reception for the better part of today and a small tree down in our condo complex that didn’t actually hit anything.  The rest of town, though, was ravaged – thousands of people are still without power and phone and internet, or even houses or vehicles if they were crushed by falling trees, even tonight.  David and I both stayed home from work because our offices were without power or servers or other important functional capabilities, and I’m not sure many other people were at work today either – other than arborists and repairmen and police and stuff, of course.

Anyway!  My plan to scan this at work was foiled, so it took me a while to get to it.  This lovely photo is from near the end of my freshman year of college.  That’s me on the left with the braces, cracking up hysterically over something with my dear friends Whitney and Betsy while we smother our other dear friend Yanek.  We had so much fun that year.  Our hall was mostly very close to one another, and most of us still keep in touch.


3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. I remember you like this! I miss the days when we only had to worry about papers and mid-terms and focusing for intense periods of time. Okay so really I miss the rest of the time goofing off and being close to people!!!

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