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Hodge Podge Post

I feel scattered tonight.  I can’t focus on writing one thing – I started another post, got 600 words in and realized that none of it was what I really wanted to say.  So I abandoned it.  Instead, you get a series of random, unconnected thoughts!  Yay for you!

I’m thinking about going to see a chiropractor.  I’ve never been to one before, but my neck has been bugging me for 2 weeks now, and it’s not really getting better.  I don’t know if my bed is the problem or if something else happened and that’s just making it worse, but I have yet to find a truly comfortable sleeping position.

I read a quote in an article today that made me laugh.  I even wrote it down because I wanted to remember it.  “The truth shall set you free.  But first, it will piss you off.”  It was attributed to Gloria Steinem.  It’s so, so true.

I haven’t worked out since we got back from vacation.  I have been tracking my calories, but I have not exercised even a teeny bit.  My neck hurting is not helping my motivation.  Got to get over that next week; I’m half expecting the gym to call me to find out where I’ve been!

My mom and step-dad’s 25th anniversary is next year, and for years she’s been talking about the whole family going on a Disney cruise in celebration.  Today she told me that she wants to combine the trip to Florida for the cruise with a few days at Disney World, and my husband balked (both of us, but especially David, prefer city streets and fancy restaurants to Mickey Mouse when it comes to vacations).  So I had to write back to my mom to tell her that maybe we could fly down separately to come on just the cruise portion with them, and it’s killing me because I don’t want to disappoint her by taking her family away from her on any part of her anniversary trip.  But I also have no chance of dragging my husband to any of Disney’s six theme parks in Florida, and honestly it doesn’t sound like the most fun part of a vacation for me either.  We’re totally in for the cruise, but…  If we had kids, it would be different, but we don’t.  It makes me sad; I hate being torn that way. 😦

I’m a friend’s best woman for her September wedding, and so I’ve been working with other friends to plan her bachelorette, which is in a few weeks.  I ordered a new dress online for it – it looked kind of fun and funky, not my usual style but good for a girls’ night out in the big city.  It got here while we were in Portland, and I tried it on when we got back…and it looks to me like a bathing suit cover-up.  Plus it doesn’t fit my chest right.  BOO.  Back it goes; I ordered a different one today so we’ll see how that goes.  When I ordered the first dress, though, I also ordered new sunglasses, and I LOVE those. 🙂

We had a crazy thunderstorm here today!  It only lasted about 10 minutes, but apparently there are trees down and power out all over the place.  Our condo is located between my office and David’s, and both of our offices lost power before we left work, but our house seems to have never lost power at all (no clocks said 00:00 or blinking 12:00).  And a friend just said she’s been without power for 3 hours.  It was crazy – straight horizontal rain, major wind…I drove around about 3 big felled tree branches on my 2 minute drive home, and there are hardly any trees in this area!  I can only imagine what the tree-filled sections of town are like.  We had another bad storm a few weeks ago that also knocked down a lot of trees and branches, and ditto with all the heavy snow we got this past winter – if this keeps up, we’re not going to have any trees left!

I stayed up WAY too late the last two nights, reading the new book I got in the mail Tuesday by my favorite living author (Backseat Saints by Joshilyn Jackson).  I finished it around 12:45 a.m. last night.  It was a great book.  I might post a review of it tomorrow; I’m still trying to figure out what I want to say about it.  But I’m tired now, and so I’ll end for the night.  To bed early, hopefully finding a comfortable sleep position for my neck.


One thought on “Hodge Podge Post

  1. I ❤ randomness, you know.

    I got my bachelorette dress a couplefew weeks ago (while out shopping with Mom for her dresses for the wedding weekend) but hadn't even thought about what to wear for our e-pix tomorrow until um, Wednesday. And now I hate every stitch of clothing I own (except for the bachelorette dress and my wedding dress I can't zip up currently) and haven't had but about an hour to look in the stores for anything else. Luckily I have the car today (he rode his motorcycle to work) so I can easily skip to another store or three before we rock out in Bawlmer tonight.

    I am trying to imagine your parental units at Disneyworld and the image I have is really cute. Su madre would be lovely in Minnie Mouse ears. Ooh, just had a vision of your husb decking Donald Duck. Not good. Yeah, maybe you should just meet them on the cruise…

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