Blah Blah Blah · Long Winding Road · Sweet Home

We have returned!

More on the Portland trip tomorrow, complete with photos.  We had a great time.  We not only walked all over the place, but we also ate our way through Portland.  And ate and ate and ate.  I have not stepped on the scale yet, but I’m hoping there’s a chance that the crazy amount of walking we also did will balance out the gluttony.

Tonight, we are both tired and miserably hot.  We’re tired because we had a red-eye flight that left Portland at 11 pm yesterday, got into Atlanta at 6:30 am and on a plane to Richmond that got in at 9:15 am, and then we picked up the dog and drove home.  Not surprisingly, neither of us really slept on the long flight, which was packed and had the least comfortable seats I’ve ever been in on an airplane.  Then we got home to an extremely hot house.  We cut the air up to 80 degrees before we left, trying to save energy and all, and when we came back the inside blower unit had again cut off and not come back on at some time while we were gone, and it was over 90 degrees inside.  We cut the air off and back on again, which tripped the inside unit back on, and now, 9 hours later, it’s still 86 in our house.  But still warmer outside.  As soon as the temperature outside is cooler than in, the windows get opened.  It’s almost time for our twice-a-year maintenance on the HVAC unit, so hopefully they’ll figure out whatever it is that keeps making the blower cut off and not come back on.

So as I said, tomorrow there will be Portland stories and pictures.  Tonight, though, there is only ice water and counting the minutes until bed time.


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