Honey Bear

Flashback Friday

In honor of my 5th wedding anniversary, which is today, I present you this time with one of the first photos ever taken of David and me.  We’d been dating for maybe 6 months.  Look at how long my hair is!  Look at how fresh and dewy we are!  Look how happy David looks to be having his picture taken!  Oh, wait, that hasn’t really changed.  Our first date was 8 years ago yesterday.  David proposed 2 years later, on our dating anniversary, and we got married a year and a day after that.  We’ve survived job turmoil, moving and combining households, purchasing a home, getting a dog, losing grandparents, gaining a niece….  Nothing that others haven’t done, but I’m proud to say that our relationship is still about as easy as it was in that photo.  Our first date lasted about 8 hours because we couldn’t stop talking, and we still have those nights with some regularity.  Happy anniversary, honey.  I love you more every day.  P.S. Portland’s fun and all, but I want to be in Italy for our 1oth. 🙂


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