iPhone Madness

Oh, the iPhone.  That taunting, tempting beast.  It’s the machine that promises to be everything to everyone, replacing your phone and iPod and camera and video camera and allowing you to stop toting your laptop everywhere you go.  I’ve wanted one since the word go.  I can’t help it; judge me if you will, but the Blackberry is just not as pretty and enticing.

I refrained from indulging, however, for a couple of reasons.  First, I firmly do not believe in buying the first generation gadget of any sort.  There are always bugs and problems and snafus that get sort-of fixed, but they’re not really fixed until the second generation comes out.

Now, I am well aware that this is NOT merely the second generation of the iPhone.  It’s the fourth.  And I’ve continued to hold out for my second reason: the cost of the plan.  That’s a common complaint, it is.  AT&T is rabidly unpopular right now, and they continue to make decisions that make them even less popular.  I’ve been an AT&T customer for 3 years now (with just a plain old flip phone, no fancy smart phones here), and I’ve never really had a problem with them.  Apparently in really big cities, though, the sheer number of iPhone users have completely drained the AT&T bandwidth to the point that calls are frequently dropped and customers are always annoyed.  If I lived in NYC, I’d probably be annoyed too, but here in the mountains of Virginia, AT&T service is just fine.  In an effort to try and fix the problem, though, AT&T has screwed up again – instead of increasing bandwidth, they’ve revoked unlimited data plans in favor of limited plans.  Now, most people will never go over the 2GB per month limit of the larger plan, but giving them a limit when they’re used to being unlimited just goes against the nature of my fellow Americans.  People are ticked off.  Add to it some security breaches and you’ve got some pissed off people.  But they’re the only option at the moment if you want an iPhone.

And I do so want an iPhone.  They’ve fixed almost every complaint I ever had about the phone itself (it still doesn’t support Flash, but hopefully it will eventually, and that’s a software update, not hardware), but the price of the data plan remains.  Technically, we can afford it – it will only be about $20-25 more per month than our current cell phone bill.  So…I’m going to do it.  I’ve conferred with the Husband, and he agrees.  I’m getting the iPhone 4.  Sometime this summer.  I’m not in a rush about it, which is just as well, because have you heard the insanity surrounding just getting one of these things?  People stampeding to pre-order the iPhone broke both the Apple and the AT&T websites yesterday.  Totally overwhelmed them.  They cut off the pre-orders at 600,000.  HOLY CRAP.  They were totally unprepared for that many people rushing to upgrade their old iPhones or just jump on the wagon for the first time.  I want one, but I do not want one badly enough to stand in line for it (or keep re-trying a broken website).  So you people who are in such a hurry, go on.  Get your rabid selves to the store on June 24th and camp out.  Get it out of your system, get your phone before I do, please.  I will wait.  I’ve waited several years already, another couple of weeks won’t kill me.

Provided there are still iPhones left in the country and they don’t have to go out and manufacture more, you will find me at my local AT&T store, probably in early July, joining the 21st century.  My husband prefers to remain in 1999 for now with his flip phone, but after he sees how cool my iPhone is, our phone bill may go up another $25 a month.  Heh.  Good thing we cancelled the cable.


One thought on “iPhone Madness

  1. I was thinking to myself as I read your post…”But they just cancelled the cable”. However, this sounds exactly like something I would do. Cut the cost of something only to increase something else. Please post about your IPhone when you get it. I am a Mac fan (Macbook Pro, IPod) but have no crossed over to the IPhone purely because of cost.

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