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Reason #5,874 I love Google

Perhaps I’m the last person on the planet to figure this out.  Perhaps.  Even if I am, though, it doesn’t change how cool I think it is.  Did you know you can SAVE YOUR OWN MAP in Google?  As in look up places you want to go and save them all in the same place?  How freakin’ cool is that?!  Maybe it’s just me.

David and I are planning a trip to Portland for our anniversary this month.  And I am a planner, a list-maker, a lover of spreadsheets.  I have been doing research on where I want to go and what I want to do since before we actually bought the plane tickets and booked the hotel.  I have read countless websites and blogs and even a book on the subject.  Portland is such a walkable city that I really wanted to get a map and mark all the spots we want to go to on it.  But how could I pinpoint the street numbers and what side of the street and such on a paper map?  And if it’s preprinted with lots of different places, what a pain – I’d rather just have the stuff that we want to go see and do.

So I decide I want to use Google Maps to look up our hotel, and see if I can add a second location to see how far away from the hotel some of the places we want to go are.  I’m looking around the page, and lo and behold, I see a little Save button on the pop-up in the middle of the map.  Perfect, I think!  And then I see I can save it TO something…like a custom map.  That you name for yourself.  HOLY.  CRAP.

Here’s the full link to the map!  Click the listings on the left side to see what goes where!

We’ve got free wi-fi in our hotel, so I was planning to bring the laptop anyway.  I don’t have a fancy phone or anything, so it’s not much use to me on foot (but how awesome if you DO have a smart phone that shows Google Maps!), but at least we can look where we’re going before we leave the hotel, and I can print a copy of our personalized map before we ever leave home.  Our friend Sam is very familiar with the area and has given us recommendations of places he loves in Portland, so I’ve been able to add his recs to the other places I’ve looked up and made notes on them that they came from Sam.

This is awesome, awesome stuff.  I am such a geek.


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