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Weekend Summary

Friday evening, we drove to Virginia Beach for a little visit with my husband’s family.  We had a good time, as usual, though once again I am lame and did not document anything photographically.  Highlights and other happenings:

  • Listening to my favorite book of all time, which I’m sharing with the husband – Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson – while driving to Va Beach (and making good time on that drive, too!).
  • Time sitting around my in-laws’ living room just visiting with everyone.
  • A very sweet and well-behaved Bean, a pit bull-Great Dane mix that my sis-in-law and her husband rescued last year.  Bean’s had some people aggression issues that they’ve been training and working with him on, and he is like another dog since the last time we saw him.
  • Lots of good food, including: lunch at Rancho Grande (spinach enchiladas from their new menu), dinner at Empire (many delicious tapas and good cocktails and beer), and lunch at Wicker’s (blackened tuna wrap with homemade chips and hush puppies).
  • I couldn't leave you with no photo at all! This is our Monkey, who got very hot on his walk Saturday and almost drove me to murder him last night.

    A really hot walk with our dog and Gretchen, the ILs’ dog, tiring them both out for hours.  And we got to see the most extreme garage in Hampton Roads under construction – bigger than the house the people live in!

  • Listening to music and trading recommendations with the sis and bro-in-law.
  • Playing Asshole late at night (for no reason we could remember the next day) and being president most times while my dear husband was asshole most times.  But we played nice, with a minimum of rules and a maximum of socials.
  • Seeing the in-renovation master bathroom with new tiles and paint chips and fixtures at my ILs’ house.
  • Daydream planning with the whole family to open a family-run Italian restaurant in Cville after my FIL retires.
  • Coming home to an incredibly hot house (we did cut the thermostat up before we left, but it was 10 degrees higher than that – I think we have a loose fuse because our indoor unit has been deciding not to turn on occasionally for no apparent reason).
  • Putting on shorts because it was so hot and realizing the only shorts I have – that were too tight last summer – are so big on me now that I can pull them off and back on without unbuttoning them.
  • Getting a crappy night of sleep because it was hot, I opened the windows because it was cooler outside, some noise outside that I never heard freaked the dog out and he bothered me in a panic until I had to shut him out of the bedroom, garbage truck noise, bird noise, finally shutting the windows at 5 am because it had cooled off and I was seriously going to kill a bird if I didn’t…  So I slept well for the last two hours of the night.  I’m not exactly raring to go today.

One thought on “Weekend Summary

  1. Great times had by all. Next time though, we’re getting the people at Empire to let us put the tables together, dangit!

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